About Us

Our Mission

Our company, 77Rescue Incorporated, is a non-profit company dedicated to helping struggling volunteer fire companies raise money that will in-turn provide a better service to the communities they serve.

We are passionate about raising money for Volunteer fire companies and having fun doing it. It’s what we are all about.  

Helping those who help others.

“imagine opening those side doors and meeting rows of beer taps. It’s a very exciting idea and could bring a lot of money to those fire companies that need it”

   - President & CEO, Duane McKee

Places you may see us

Established in 2012, 77Rescue is a summer festival fund raising company whose sole purpose is to raise money and awareness for volunteer fire companies all over the country.  We purchased a 1986 fire service Rescue Squad and will be outfitting it this winter with beer taps. This is the first truck, however, we plan on a fleet of five units in 5 years times (2 Rescue Beer Squads, 2 Pizza Oven Fire Engines, 1 Fire Tanker BBQ Pit-Master) and to expand nationally in that time.

Our customers are public (age 21+) crowds attending large public events.   (10,000+ persons) such as State Fairs, Irish Festivals, Oktoberfest's, BBQ Festivals, Conventions.  Also included are fire department specific functions such as State Fireman Conventions, Volunteer Fire Department Open Houses’, Fire Expo's and  parades.

We will travel from event to event from May thru December serving concessions,  our 1st will serve ice cold beer from the half dozen taps built into the unit. With our crew of 6 volunteers per unit we arrive at each event at dawn and stay until they kick us out. In addition to the beer taps on our 1st unit, we have a state of the art sound system and 55” LED display built into each side of the unit to entertain while we “serve”.

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