Our Story

Our Story

As volunteers, they are often expected to not only fulfill rigorous training requirements and respond to calls around the clock, but also to alert the public to their need for community support and to contribute their time toward a wide variety of fundraising initiatives, ranging from annual Christmas tree sales to weekly bingo nights. Besides these concerns, widespread understaffing, work and family demands are commonplace in today’s society also make it harder for volunteers to show the same level of dedication that was typical just a couple generations ago. Since the early 1980’s, in fact, the NFPA has recorded a considerable drop in the number of volunteers overall. We in the service see and feel this first hand more and more every day.


America relies every minute of every day on its volunteer companies.


77Rescue Inc. is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the survival of the local volunteer fire company on a national level. Our mission is to create national awareness of the volunteer fire service.


We start by receiving donated fire apparatus. We restore them while instilling concessions and give them a new, retired, life and purpose.  Then we travel them to summer festivals all over the country to provide the most exposure possible and even creating a brand for the volunteer fire service.


Meanwhile, 77rescue becomes a marketing firm, it’s one and only client, the volunteer fire service. We promote the volunteer fire service nationwide from tv ads to cinematic promotions (very similar to what the military does for itself). The donated trucks then become an outreach of our efforts overall.


Our innovative approach to achieving our mission provides us an opportunity to vigorously serve both, our one last true civic service, the volunteer fire service, and you. Additionally, this new idea provides an avenue for commercial support for the volunteer fire service that had never been there before.  Our country’s founding father and founding father of the volunteer fire service, Ben Franklin, would be proud. We want our volunteer fire service to be around for generations to come. Be a volunteer! Get involved! Ask us how.